Online Role-Playing in Language-Learning

Role-playing and language-learning is an intensively immersive experience that doesn’t only help you express yourself, but can be very powerful to the senses.

Role-playing is essentially pretending to play a character online.  The most popular genre for role-playing is typically  medieval fantasy, where you can pretend to be an elf, a dwarf, a wizard, etc.

Role-playing communities are relatively rare and difficult to find. They are typically just enthusiasts without any commercial ventures and they exist in small communities (typically less than a 100 active players). There are no commercial releases intended for such role-playing communities, so players who enjoy online role-playing are forced to create their own such communities or use a commercial game where not everyone will follow the role-playing guidelines.

Typically, role-playing guidelines will ask you to stay in character whenever you can.

Role-Playing Communities

  • Neverwinter Night 1 + Neverwinter Nights 2
    A 3D environment for role-playing.  Spanish and French are among the most popular languages there.
    Servers Search Engine
    (The letters before the name of the gameworld will let you know what language it is)
    Neverwinter Nights Search Engine



Screenshot from “Skazanie”

Text-based online fantasy games are also known as “MUD” – multi-user dungeon. Though this term is slowly becoming outdated, and nowadays most text-based role-playing games are done through the browser with the addition of images; nevertheless the old format of “MUD’s” that requires a special client still exists. In order to find MUD’s based on your language use you can use the MUD’s Search Engine

Screenshot from a random MUD

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