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Isabella The Red (Spanish-English)

Isabella the Red


Isabella the Red Knight – Background story

In 2002 I played an online 3D computer game called “Neverwinter Nights”. That game allowed people to create their own virtual fantasy gameworlds with their own rules. Many servers were very strict in their rules about “role-playing” and “staying in character”… meaning that the character that you create must have a background story appropriate to the corresponding fantasy settings. In 2003 I found a server called “Haze”. It had about 60 players at its peak, and very popular among players who liked to stay in-character. The server was so hardcore, it has “permadeath”. Once your character dies, it dies for good and you had to create a new one.

The server had four communities. Dwarves, elves, humans and gnomes. The most popular community was the human’s. When I joined the server, Coffinewode was the human community. I wasn’t there at the day Coffinewode was attacked, but I was there when Stormhold was built. Those were actually the most interesting moments of the storyline. That’s when I met a character called “Isabella”… the player who played that character did such a fantastic job it inspired me to write about her. Redorick Thallas was an actual captain of the legion; that player also inspired me and it was my character that was actually in loved with his (at some point my character had sent him a love letter).

Many players had their characters permanantly die when the battle for Coffinewode took place; characters they had invested months and years playing. Though I was there the day the battle happened, I didn’t participate at the final battle, but having experienced the server and having gone into Coffinewode on occasions I’ve used my imagination to describe the events that occurred. If my memory serves me right, Isabella did indeed die in that battle, but Redorick did not. However, since nothing interesting happened since that battle the server was eventually shut down, so I decided to kill off Redorick in the story as well. It feels like that’s how the game should’ve ended, instead of a slow and pointless decay of players leaving and losing interest. I decided to use it as a language-learning tool because 1) Something about the character, Isabella, felt very “Spanish”. She was very spicy and sharp. 2) I enjoy combining educational elements with interesting stories. That’s my thing 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it!

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